Axs Purchase Agreement

Force majeure events include, but are not limited to, fire, accident, force majeure, bad weather, power outages, telecommunications interruptions, strikes or labor disputes, war or other violence or laws, orders, proclamations, regulations, ordinances, demands or demands of a governmental authority). The date and time of the event may change. Some locations may allow you to sell your tickets or rights through the Flash Seats website. Selling, buying and wire transfer fees may vary depending on the event and location. As a seller, you can agree in advance to cover the buyer`s costs. Please see the selling and/or transfer fees you will find in the brand area of each event and venue. If you sell or transfer rights to another publicly available marketplace in violation of this Agreement, we may charge you a selling and/or transfer fee. The applicable selling and/or transfer costs are calculated against the seller/assignee of rights that are so sold, offered for sale or transferred. Our selling and/or transfer fees are charged by the credit card registered for the manager, as indicated under Prohibited Uses. All disputes related to or the purchase or offering of tickets and/or rights or goods through our websites or arising out of this Agreement, in which financial damages are invoked, will be settled by binding arbitration, in accordance with the commercial rules of the American Arbitration Association. As far as possible, hearings shall be organised by telephone or other electronic means in order to facilitate a forum where a hearing can be organised.