Chassis Interchange Agreement

Truck drivers often have to change trailers while travelling across the country to meet the overall planning of the entire transportation system. For example, a truck driver can regularly travel from Los Angeles to Dallas. However, if goods depart from Los Angeles for Chicago, the truck company can divert through a trailer exchange contract in Dallas to reach its final destination. The same trucker can pick up another trailer for his return to Los Angeles, which is part of another agreement that ends in Los Angeles or further afield. A trailer can alternate between several companies and many drivers as they cross the country. In this way, the exchange agreements for trailers facilitate the transport of goods, as no trucker is required to travel the entire route. The UIIA is used by 95% of the top 100 modes of shipping and all major railways. Participation in the UIIA allows air carriers to conduct operations with rail and marine carriers. The UIIA also makes it unnecessary for road transport companies to be forced to enter into separate exchange agreements with individual OEMs. In addition, the number of insurance certificates to be submitted will be reduced. The exchange of trailers extends to the debts that an insured may incur for damage to a trailer while in his possession and does not require that the trailer be fixed at the time of the loss. It also includes “containers” under the definition of trailers, so it is most often used for intermodal operations, where the equipment includes both a trailer chassis and containers. The exchange of trailers requires a “written trailer or equipment exchange agreement” that exists at the time of the loss, so that it may not extend to all situations in which a trucker has a trailer that is not in possession.

[2] As a general rule, the law states that, in spite of any other provision, “a provision, clause, agreement or agreement included in a transport contract for road hauliers or which relates to a transport contract that purports to be unscathed, defended or unscathed, or has the effect that liability in the event of loss or damage resulting from negligence or intentional acts or omissions of the promise , is nonsible and unworkable. Md. Cts. Proc. However, there is an explicit and specific exception of the UIIA to the definition of the “car transport contract” in the statutes, which states that “2. ” Motorcarrier Transport Contract” does not include: A. the agreement on access to intermodal exchanges and equipment, as amended by the Executive Committee for Intermodal Exchange; or B. Other arrangements for the exchange, use or possession of intermodal chassis, containers or other intermodal equipment. Md.