Collaboration Agreement Between Pa Physician

7. The parties shall review and update at least once every two years or at each amendment to the contract. 1. Be in writing, identify the parties, including the cooperating physician, the CRNP and at least one substitute physician who cooperates when the cooperating physician is not available, attach the signature of the CRNP and the cooperating physician, and indicate the date of signature of the agreement and the date of entry into force of the agreement. (a) The cooperation agreement between a physician and a CRNP, the prescribed drug and other medical therapeutic or corrective measures referred to in Article 21.283(a) (with respect to the authority and qualifications required for the prescription, dispensing and ordering of drugs), shall meet the following requirements. The agreement must state: (4) The circumstances and frequency with which the cooperating physician will see the patient in person. (b) The CRNP shall inform the Board of Directors in writing of the update or termination of a prescriptive authority`s cooperation agreement and, where applicable, submit to the Board the “Change Of Prescriptive Authority Collaborative Agreement” form and the revised prescriptive authority`s cooperation agreement and pay the remuneration provided for in Article 21.253 (with respect to royalties). (2) Identify the specialty in which the CRNP is certified. (3) Identify the categories of drugs from which the CRNP may prescribe or dispense in accordance with clause 8.3 (a) (2) (ii) of the Act (63 P.S. § 218.3 (a) (2) (ii)).

(8) Indicate the amount of professional liability insurance that covers the CRNP. (5) Kept at the CPNP`s main practice site and submitted a copy to the Office of Professional and Occupational Affairs. 6. Are made available to all those who so wish for consultation and made available free of charge to any approved pharmacist or approved pharmacy on request. .