Facts Agreement Number

If we obtain your consent, we will send you a letter or email confirming the initial terms of your agreement. These include your payment amount, the balance due, and the date your authorized payments begin. Payments continue until the full amount is paid in full. TO VERIFY YOUR ONLINE ACCOUNT Log in to your MyFacts account with your FACTS user ID and password. If you have forgotten or moved yours, contact FACTS at 800-863-2287 or account@factsmgt.com. If a registration fee is due, the amount of the fee will be indicated when setting up your agreement. If applicable, the non-refundable FACTS registration fee will be automatically processed in the FACTS system within 14 days of the date of publication of the agreement. Once the online application is complete, you must upload all the necessary supporting documents. Documents can be downloaded online by logging into your account under online.factsmgt.com/aid. Yes. You can add more schools and make corrections to the application form by logging into online.factsmgt.com/aid and clicking on the form. Changes to the bank account or credit card can be made online under online.factsmgt.com if you are the plan holder.

After the registration above, select the Financial Accounts option and select Edit Account under the payment plan or sub account you want to update. You can change your address, phone number, or email address to online.factsmgt.com or by contacting your school or FACTS. If you need to change your account details, address or phone number in your tuition agreement or if you have any questions about your payment plan, please contact NBS at 800.609.8056. You can request the termination of your contract by contacting your institution directly. Please note that terminating your payment plan may not necessarily cancel any fees or charges due to the institution. Yes. You have more privacy with automatic payments than writing a check. Bank investigations have shown that up to 10 people process a check from your account from the date of the transcript to the money deducted.

Most checks contain your name, address, phone number, and other financial information that can easily be copied. For electronic payments, the transaction will be transmitted electronically from one bank to another. All information you share with us is absolutely confidential. We do not disclose any information to unauthorized third parties. To view your tuition agreement online, please visit www.factstuition.com and choose the MyFACTS account. You must create a user ID and password to view your information. Instructions for creating an account on the MyFACTS account can be found in the confirmation notice that will be sent once your agreement has been processed. . . .