Have They Come To An Agreement On A Second Stimulus Check

If they succeed – and President Donald Trump also insists that this happens – individuals will likely see a similar payment in the first round that expired in March. This means that most people would receive a cheque for $1,200. The House now has 50 Republicans and 48 Democrats. If Democrats win both elections in the second round, they will have a majority, because Vice President-elect Kamala Harris will break all votes. If Republicans hold at least one of the seats, Senator Mitch McConnell (R., Ky.) will retain his position as Senate Majority Leader. The current proposal between the parties provides for an increase in unemployment benefits, but no funding for a new round of direct payments that would reach most households. The inclusion of payments that amount to cheques of more than $1,200 in the spring would cost hundreds of billions of dollars, and Republicans have made it clear that $900 billion is already more than they want to spend. Many Republicans call this round of negotiations an “emergency aid package” and not a stimulus package. With the first cheque, the IRS learned how to mobilize and deliver the stimulus money, and said it has developed a lot of difficulties in this process. If a second review is approved, it is likely that the Agency could expedite the process of sending the first round of payments. The tracking tool is already operational, the system is in place and it is likely that the majority of those qualified for a first exam would get another one. And according to an analysis by the Century Foundation, a progressive think tank, on Boxing Day, nearly 12 million unemployed workers are expected to be cut off from unemployment benefits.

The reduction would reduce total household income by about $19 billion a month, Oxford Economics said, which could lead to total consumer spending falling due to the slowing economy. Will this agreement include a new round of stimulus? If the eligibility requirements change with a second cheque, you and your family may receive more money in your payment or less. For example, a new rule might receive a larger amount. But there may also have been changes in your living conditions — such as a birth or death in the family, to start a new job or to find yourself unemployed — which could also reduce your second stimulation check. Here`s how you can estimate how much you`d likely get, and here`s how the IRS determines how much money you receive. Instead of trying to break months of deadlock in funding stimulus packages, experts say Congress will instead focus on passing federal government funding laws after December 11 to avoid a government ceasefire. “Recurring direct payments will help families meet basic needs, stimulate the national and local economy and accelerate recovery,” they wrote in the letter. “Cash reaches millions of people who struggle economically, including those who are not entitled to unemployment benefits.” Another cycle of coronavirus stimulation controls, as approved in the early days of the pandemic, is not included.