Lock Up Agreement Steinhoff

As previously reported, seg CVA and SFHG CVA were approved by a large majority of their creditors and members at the december 14, 2018 meetings. The SEAG CVA documentation and the SFHG CVA documentation can be downloaded under www.lucid-is.com/steinhoff. Steinhoff said that if the lock-in agreement was not sufficiently supported by creditors and the foreclosure agreement would not come into force by July 20, in accordance with its terms, the boards of Directors of Seag and Finance Holding will have to consider their options and commitments. DURBAN – Steinhoff`s international real estate portfolio, Hemisphere International Properties, announced yesterday that 100% of the value of third-party creditors has now entered into the Hemisphere Lock-up (LUA) agreement under the €750 million (R10.50 billion) revolving credit facility.