Nr Collective Agreement 2019

Companies that join the NSA for the duration of a collective agreement are subject to the existing agreement between OL and the NSA for the same operating category, when required by the NSA or OL. In determining the operating category, the operating and working conditions and the execution of the work are taken into account. The designation of the company is not determinative, as the main objective is to adopt the collective agreement that best suits the company in terms of production and Industry Office. The president, vice-president and union secretary represent the union to the company and are called an “executive committee.” The union president, vice-president and secretary represent the union with respect to the company and are called boards of directors. The union will decide on a case-by-case basis whether to represent the union individually, in two or collectively. The four-year contract is valid for the period from May 1, 2019 to April 30, 2023 and provides for salary increases for each of the four years. 15.2 Non-compliance with the current collective agreement The work of central organisations on gender equality is enshrined in the legal framework and within the framework of the agreement, as well as in international conventions and directives. Disputes over the understanding of this basic agreement may be referred to the labour tribunal. Only the NSA and OL have the right to sue under the agreement.

Period on board: a period during which the employee remains permanently in units under this agreement. The above provisions (sections 15.1 to 15.3) also apply where the consequences of changes in the way of operation, the manner in which work is carried out or working conditions are so that the existing collective agreement is no longer the most appropriate contract for the company. Employees who work in the resource pool earn, like other employees, seniority of service in terms of wages and work. Employees without a written employment contract are not covered by a pool agreement and exemptions from an agreement that are not stipulated in pool contracts do not cover these employees. The Section 18.1 agreements apply until a new collective agreement comes into force and until a new agreement is reached. The contract may be terminated with a period of 14 days and no later than one month before the expiry of the collective agreement concerned. The rules also apply to employees of catering companies located on facilities located on the Norwegian continental shelf and where the catering company is a member of the Norwegian Shipowners Association. This agreement can be implemented in the form of a collective agreement in staffing companies/temporary employment agencies that have staff, are hired and work under this agreement.