Profit Center In Scheduling Agreement

Step 5) Press the “Save” button on the SAP Standard toolbar to create more threads to the profit center group:I check the customization of the system, indicate a cost point in the order of sale could achieve this goal. However, a new problem is that the debitor uses a delivery plan, there could be only one cost point to its header. Is there a possibility that I could choose different fees in it, or could I change the cost point generated during delivery? The planning process is not a single activity, but an iterative process, usually run in several stages. Profit centre planning is an integral part of your business planning. The integral nature of business planning is particularly evident in profit centre accounting, as the planning data used here can be widely created in other applications (e.g.B. Cost Accounting) and supplemented or modified in the profit centre`s accounting. Die Profitcenterplanung ist Teil der kurzfristigen Gesch-ftsplanung und umfasst somit einen Zeitraum von einem Gesch-ftsjahr. As part of profit centre planning, individual planning areas are grouped into an integrated planning network. We can use different plan variants to represent different plans The profit center planning offers us the following planning methods: Step 4) Enter the screen following a brief description for the profit center group Please register in the OKB9 transaction, there is a profit center that is assigned to the cost point you use in the trade agreement. I think you will have to remove it. In the shipping LE-TRA, as the cost point to distinguish according to other specifications.

It seems that the cost point could only be identified by plant, industry and profit center, but the customer really has more cost points within a business code or a factory, and the company does not use any profit center. ex. The customer wants, for a variety of reasons, to charge the costs at different cost points. For planning and distribution costs, also the logistics department. How can we make it happen? Step 7) Check the state of the status bar for the state of the profit center creation. The main purpose of profit centres is to represent an independent organizational entity that works virtually independently in the market, that assumes responsibility for its own costs and revenues and can be extended to an investment centre or can be treated as a business within a company. The profit centre approach embodies the growing restoration between internal and external accounting and serves as a link between two accounting concepts. If we set up an appointment for a material, it is assigned to the equipment profit center (ref EKPO profi-Center-Feld) and if we make the GR profit center, it is recovered, but if we change the profit center into the strain of the material, it will not be updated in the Schedule agreement. How can we change it? If the charging point is set in the delivery contract, a control receipt is generated when booking deliveries, which is not what I expect.