Sample Independent Nurse Contractor Agreement

At the beginning of a contract, the name and address of the customer as well as your license number and their place for a date are indicated. Use legal language to refer to the name by which you are mentioned throughout the contract, for example. B “agency” or “company”. The first section also leaves room to fill in the nurse`s name, called “nurse” or “independent contractor.” Contracts must clearly identify the nurse as an independent contractor, so the Agency is not responsible for payroll tax. Independent contractors will receive a 1099-MISC tax form if they earn $600 or more in a year. To clarify the role of nurses and what they are paid for, describe the services requested by independent contractors. List the services your agency is likely to provide. Services can be covered by general categories, as the peculiarities can become cumbersome. Categories may include monitoring caregivers, assessing new clients for the Agency, developing care plans in collaboration with the attending physician, training new health care providers, and direct patient care. Many staff agencies employ nurses who also work for other agencies and write in the contract that nurses only have to fill the positions they can reasonably expect to complete in their calendars.

Other agencies require exclusivity and require nurses to receive only those clients recommended by the Agency. The conditions may also include the minimum number of hours to be filled by nurses and the maximum length of positions you provide. If the Agency requires related nurses to purchase liability insurance, set it out in the contract with the amount that the nurse must bear as part of the agreement. Describe the payment plan and indicate when contractors are paid and whether payment is assigned by the customer after withdrawal. Add information about the documents you need in diagrams and invoices, as well as in care certifications and licenses. Write your termination and confidentiality policies in the contract, as well as the type of equipment the nurse should provide and what the Agency will produce. Independent contractors providing care services through an agency participate in contractual agreements on those services. If you are writing a contract for care services, it should cover the level of care provided, the terms of the agreement, and the responsibilities of each party.

The information required in a contract includes the time, place, how and owner of the services. Linda Ray is an award-winning journalist with over 20 years of experience in media coverage. She has covered newspapers and magazines, including Greenville News, Success Magazine and American City Business Journals. Ray earned a degree in journalism and teaches writing, career development, and an FDIC course called “Money Smart.”