Securities Lending Service Agreement Euroclear

With TSL, you make all important market-based decisions and focus on the revenue generation business and delegate all operational aspects of your credit operations to a neutral and specialized De Triparty collateral management agent. Our General Collateral Access Service (GC Access) allows you to lend or borrow baskets of high-quality securities in exchange for other collateral. You benefit from the right guarantees to meet your regulatory requirements and Euroclear assumes the complete administrative burden. In order to meet your changing needs and changing market conditions, we have implemented a number of securities lending services. Euroclear`s risk-free automated securities lending and lending program is extremely flexible and secure. It is aimed at applying for credit in order to avoid settlement instructions and claims from the counterparty. You will find a risky, confidential, secure and flexible solution. Our credit program is a well-established service focused on insolvencies, fully integrated into our settlement system for over 30 years. You can opt for the complete outsourcing solution in which Euroclear Bank will ensure that each investment loan will be settled with your counterparty and that your counterparty risk will be reduced by the guarantees of your choice and the margin you impose. Euroclear Bank`s automated credit and credit programme for risk-free securities – bonds and equities – has been an integral part of our resolution service for over thirty years.