Test Ride Agreement

In the event of damage to the driver on the motorcycle during the test trip, the seller may, depending on his choice, require that the current sale be made at full price and all others; Commitments are deemed to be fully fulfilled. Seller: I allow you to ride my motorcycle (video bike), provided I have a deposit of . This deposit will be refunded when the bike is returned, detailed your return conditions. If the bike is damaged in one way or another during the test trip, the buyer agrees to buy the bike at the price. Do you agree with these conditions? It`s kind of an unspoken thing, “testing only with money in hand” means either they buy the bike when they crush it, or you`re going to give them their cash minus a very generous estimate at repair costs. If you don`t trust the buyer, then of course, have him sign something. I only saw this once, and the buyer immediately made it clear that they understood that they bought the bike. A proposal or two – since almost everyone has the ability to make video in your pocket, record the discussion and chord. Not sure I formulated the question correctly, but if I let someone ride the bike that I sell and they gave me the money, I`m entitled to keep the money and say that the bike is their problem since it crashed? Do you want me and the buyer to sign something before doing a test or something that says it`s not my responsibility if the bike is injured and I can keep the money for it? This agreement exists between ________________________________________motorcycle_ The contract in him in its entirety is that Rider places the required total purchase price of . .

. with the Seller, while Rider performs the test on the bike concerned. The only way someone to test a bike I sell is when they leave a full cash price deposit and understand that if they break it, they just buy it. . . . Note: This contribution is not with the intention of legal advice nor am I a lawyer. Please use at your own risk and at your discretion.

I don`t think you need to save it, I think they signed something if you want to be super careful, but in case of an argument, in the eyes of an authority the fact that it give you cash in an indication that they bought it from you. In general, you do not inject money into people unless it is sold. In this way, although there is no written contract, there is a clear record of this discussion and you did it, you bought it “Your honor, I just gave /u/AlkalineQuad 3k to keep temporarily… Yes, it is true.