Uhpa Agreement

Update: The Union and the Council of Regents (BOR) have agreed on the pension support programme. Once the agreement is written, it will be shared. So get ready! The pension incentive plan is still being negotiated (10.22.20). The plan has already gone back and forth between the system administration and UHPA. According to the UHPA website, it is now verified by UHPA. Negotiating Committee (chaired by Karla Hayashi). Your last update was published on October 5 at www.uhpa.org/contract-negotiations/update-on-uh-faculty-retirement-incentives/. Even after the Revenue Council reduced the projection of public tax revenues by $300 million earlier this month, the legislature was expected to fund the new agreements. The other part of the application requires that they not continue their proposal until they have the support of the faculty congress. Of course, this is something that the administrator can ignore completely; However, we believe that we can agree with the administrator, however painful, that their proposal is reasonable and what should be done if that is the case. www.uhpa.org/mond…/uhpa-news-from-week-ending-12-14/ www.uhpa.org/…/governor-created-chaos-and-confusio…/ Please also note that other mitigating circumstances (for example. B transaction agreements) must also be considered outside of this contract. www.uhpa.org/contracts/2017-2021-uhpa-bor-contract/article-xvi-retrenchment/ Bargaining units 2, 3, 8 and 9 ratified all their agreements between September and January, according to written statements from the Department of Budget and Finance.

Negotiation Unit 4 ratified its agreement on 3 March. In a video message posted on the union`s website, Randy Perreira, HGEA`s executive director, says the union plans to cooperate with the state to address any lack of personal protective equipment and is in the process of filing a complaint about the payment of risks. Faculty should be careful – beware of illusion or error in public discourse. A version of this says: Either public employees accept Furloughs/salary cuts… or the economy will disintegrate. The mistake is that these are the only possible results, that no other alternative is possible. This deceptive thinking can be manipulative. Chris Frueh, who chaired the ad hoc committee for the reorganization of the faculty congress a few years ago, recently shared the commission`s plan and recommendations with Chancellor Bonnie. This plan included at least one of the changes mentioned above.

The ad hoc committee has devoted a great deal of work to developing reorganization scenarios with which the faculty could live. Perhaps this will help the administration in its decision-making task. (The faculty conference thanks you, Chris, for the initiative to provide the documents to the administration.) Resolution Reasserting M`noa Faculty Senate Oversight of All Academic Programs: www.hawaii.edu/uhmfs/issues/resolution-reasserting-manoa-faculty-senate-oversight-of-all-academic-programs/ House Bills 2302, 2303, 2304, 2306, 2307, 2308, and 2309 would fund the salary increases for units under HGEA. With the exception of HB 2304, the vote could have taken place as early as March 18. According to the agreement, 8 years of testing applies to those who will be in their 7th year in AY 2020-2021, what would be the financial impact if we put intercollegeite athletics to recovery, turn existing sports scholarships into university scholarships and not license anyone? Suppose the savings are usually travel expenses. On page 23 (Article XII, Tenure and Service, E. Contract Renewal during the trial period), it says: “After two (2) years of full-time testing or more, at least twelve (12) calendar months are terminated.” I wonder if this also applies to the austerity situation.