Virgin Media Broadband Agreement

Here you`ll find everything you need to know about Virgin Media, including what its broadband, phone, TV and phone plans have to offer, as well as how to get the best 2 deals. If you break this agreement and we forget and/or Virgin Media`s payments, we can still terminate the agreement with you if you break it again. 3. You must ensure that your payments are received from Virgin Media Payments until the due date for payment on your bill. If you don`t pay your bills on time, you may have to pay interest or other fees for your loss, as outlined in our price guides. We may also suspend or terminate services and charge you the costs of a collection procedure in order to recover any debts you owe under this agreement. Memories are usually sent for late payments. Virgin Media started life as Virgin Mobile, believe it or not. Now it is a separate arm of the company that offers monthly and sIM-only offers in the EE network. You can get unlimited 4G data if you have a SIM card or if you pay monthly through Virgin Mobile, while being a virgin and/or TV broadband customer. It`s kind of like try-before-you-buy.

You can sign up for Virgin`s broadband and/or TV service safely, knowing that you can cancel the service without penalty within the first 14 days without penalty if you are not satisfied with what you receive. We will always do our best to review and resolve any problems you have with your broadband. If you experience a continuous or regular lag, if the speeds you get do not conform to our estimated speeds, please contact us at 1908 or by email at We will do our best to resolve your problem in accordance with our code of conduct. A continuous or periodic disparity occurs over a period of .B a period of one week or more and is put in place by a Monitoring Mechanism certified by ComReg. In the event that we do not resolve your problem, you may resort to one of the following remedies: – If we do one of these things and risk significantly disadvantesing the changes, we will notify you and you can terminate that contract by giving us 30 days in advance, in accordance with Section N, and you will not have to pay any fees for early separation. 6. Every email address we have assigned to you belongs to us at any time and you cannot transfer the address to a person. When this agreement ends, your right to use this email address will end and you will no longer be able to use the email address, so make sure you have another email address and inform your contacts of the change, as we cannot do it for you. Please read our acceptable usage policies for more information on email address usage and on our help and support page (click here) on what happens to your email when you leave us.

1. losses or damages that are not reasonably foreseeable as a result of the negligence of Virgin Media or Virgin Media Payments or the violation of this Agreement. A loss or injury is reasonably foreseeable if either it is obvious that this will happen or if, at the time of the agreement, you and us knew that it could happen (for example, if you and we talked about it); or three. You will break this agreement in a serious and non-minor way, and if you are able to correct things, you have not done so within 7 days (or any other extended period, as we specify) on our part to ask you to do so; – You can terminate this contract at any time with a 30-day period. If you have both virgin broadband media and tv in a bundle, it is doubly difficult. The termination of your services involves paying a “break tax” equal to 80-100% of what is left in your contract, including both services. Virgin Media will also want to get its V6-Set-Set-Top box, and you have to face extra efforts to beat them and post them. The same goes for if you are Virgin T