Wells Fargo Non Disclosure Agreement

“This agreement underscores our serious commitment to turning things around past issues as we work to build a better bank,” said Tim Sloan, CEO and President of Wells Fargo. Unless otherwise stated on the Site or in our other agreements with you, electronic money transfers made through the Service prior to the completion of the transfer on a business day will be recorded in your eligible account on the same day. Credit card, line of credit, loan and mortgage transactions can take up to three business days, but are published from the business day the transaction was completed. There is no monthly service fee for Bill Pay. However, there is a service fee for the SDP service. Account fees (for example. B, monthly service, overdraft) may apply to the deposit account. For more information about account fees, please see the account agreement you received when you obtained your account. See other potential fees and charges in more detail in section 6(a) above. The Site does not include a Wells Fargo Site with its own separate online access agreement. If you have been interested in opening your account in a state where Wells Fargo does not have a physical banking site, your account will be deemed open in California and will be subject to account disclosures in California. You agree to appoint delegates only in accordance with the requirements we provide to you.

This provision prevails over any conflicting provision of any other agreement you have with us. We may stop offering delegate options or allowing delegates to access your eligible account or online financial services at any time without notice. You understand and agree that Wells Fargo electronic invoices are provided for your convenience, and that all payments due remain your responsibility as specified in your promissy note, loan agreement, mortgage, esclaimer, credit card agreement or guarantee agreement for each eligible loan account. The following additional agreements also apply if you sign up for these additional services. Changes to the specific fees or terms and conditions of eligible accounts are subject to the relevant specific agreement that applies to that eligible account. To notify us of errors in brokerage account transfers, follow the procedures in your brokerage account agreement. If we do not make a transfer from or to your account on time or in the correct amount in accordance with our agreement with you, we will be liable for your loss or damage. There are, however, a few exceptions. For example, we are not liable if: this arbitration clause represents the entire agreement between you and us and supersedes all prior agreements and other communications relating to dispute resolution. If more than one arbitration agreement, entered into by mutual agreement between you and us, may apply to a covered dispute, the dispute shall prevail. Some checks may take longer, so we might have to keep some or all of the deposit a little longer..